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Issue 67 Sep. 30th, 2008 @ 08:45 pm
Livejournal's YGO activities, from 23 September 22:25 to 30 September 22: 45 (GMT+2).
Please comment on this post if you have any critiques, suggestions, or comments.

Cards/Video Games
mikeyisfh sells cards.

triptych points out an interesting connection between Yuusei's tattoo and Transformers.
What would it be like if Jonouchi went around Punking people, and what would the YGO cast your favourite tv shows, asks aliscritiasfang.
intothewolves asks what king of WoW characters the YGO characters would play.
cosmic_evila posts a video (in which Yami Malik, among other characters, seems more crazy than usual...)
Scenario and crack on 5D's EP25-26 by elektra_alpha.
4Kids revised its character descriptions for 5D's characters, posts by utensil_drawer;
mistressminako made a post about it as well.
an_aphrodisiac found a YGO-reference in Lucky Star.
And the__ivorytower in Disgaea III.
exshadow posts a d-wheels video.
5D's manip by symphonicdream.

aliscritiasfang asks "What's so good about 5D's?"
aliscritiasfang just watched 5D's and is annoyed by Jack's dub accent

Editor's Choice
aramis-chan: this adorable Shizuka & Katsuya –centric fic.

New Fanfiction
By obabscribbler:
Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul and She Will Not Bend, Though She May Break, Anzu/Yuugi fluff and Isis-centric;
A Terrible Fate at the Summer Fete, Yuugi/Anzu;
Learning Curve;
and Memory Written in Frozen Smiles, Yami/Anzu-ish.
Crazy by pet_pet_angel, Yami, Yuugi, Sugoroku.
Night Terror by aquaticsloth, Pegasus/Kaiba.
nightswimming by demoerin, Shizuka and Jounouchi.
Egg by strawberrykaoru, Yami/Yugi.
Always in Second by utensil_drawer, Nerve/Yusei.
Christmas by hotfruits, Malik/Ryou.
eiyoko links to three fantasy Yugi & Dark Yugi centric gen fics, Supernatural/Fantasy/Adventure.
medianoche13 links two of her fics: Common Sense and Vulgarity, everyone from BC finals, and The Ravens Candle, Yami Bakura and Bakura Ryou (also, offers beta-reading services).
Ekou's Song (7 chapters) by dancingkirby, EkouxAmon.

Updated Fanfiction
As Deep as the Sky, 36; 37: Rebecca, Yuugi, Anzu by obabscribbler.
Binding Circle by shamise, Yami/Yugi AU.

Fanfiction Recs
None this week

Nothing this week

obabscribbler posts arts recs, one of which is YGO; and another rec post here.
Thief King/Ryou art by mmchine.
YGO plays WoW: the cast's WoW characters by intothewolves.

5 Pegasus/Kaiba icons by odangoatama.
GX manga icons by koujikouichi.
12 5D's icons by ryoura.
20 Bakura/Ryou icons by unasuvas.
60 icons (DM, GX, 5D's) by yureteru.

Other Media
sorcererhuntres is selling doujinshi, and a shirt.
somatosensation posts a cosplaying pic of Bakura, Yami, and Kaiba in America!
kurunya is selling doujinshi.
Yami Bakura My Little Pony pic, by cindy_73.
5D's Second Season OP Song posted by evillunatic.
evillunatic links to 5D's new cover art
killyoudead saw a real life d-wheel!.
utensil_drawer updates the Episode Page on ygo_5ds.
Born to Ride, 5D's vid by utensil_drawer.

Silentshipping Masquerade, Halloween prompt fest; suggest prompts.

Nothing this week

Issue 66 Sep. 23rd, 2008 @ 08:33 pm
Livejournal's YGO activities, from 17 September 12:15 to 23 September 22:25 (GMT+2).
Please comment on this post if you have any critiques, suggestions, or comments!

Cards/Video Games
Nothing this week

soralover found a part of the 4kids website where you can make a papercraft model of Yugi.
Kaiba (and Sugoroku) in Death Note stuff by dr_wats0n.
katsuyakaiba found a YGO coffee mug.
Farotarday crack by kangofu.
ejreg lists "reasons to say Toonshipping is true".
brokenlevel asks: Is Godwin an elf?
5D's video posted by kurunya.

Discussion of 5D's episode 25, started by odontv.
blondewolf2 asks what this YuGiOh on motorcycles thing is (and this editor feels that short descriptions of 5Ds are always awesome!)
kurunya asks about what the dark magician and Yugi are after Yami left.
cerberusia posts and essay about the class system in YGO DM, and in YGO GX.
kmktr shares an idea for a Shōjo Kakumei Utena/Yu-Gi-Oh! Fusion-fic.
kycoo starts a discussion of the second 5D's dub episode.
cindy_73 shares an idea for a crossover-fic in which Bakura plays the role of the horseman of the apocalypse pestilence.
hollymyew opens a discussion of 5D's with a series of questions.

Editor's Choice
aramis-chan: these Malik/Yami Bakura drabbles by hireadd.

New Fanfiction
By lucidscreamer:
Shadows on the Nile, Yami/Yugi AU;
and No Need for Lightsabers, Yami/Yugi, Chariots-verse AU.
By obabscribbler
A Story of Scars, Valon-centric;
and Sacrifice, Kaiba brothers.
In Quietness and Respite from Hades by aramis_chan, Malik/Isis/Rishid and Rishid/Kisara.
letters to a dead man by deplore, GX.
Hero Will Save Us by torakaka, Johan/Juudai, Yuusei/Jack.
Other Tournaments by hireadd, Malik/Yami no Bakura.

Updated Fanfiction
Bonded, by utensil_drawer, Jack/Yusei, NC-17 (f-locked).
As Deep as the Sky, 32: Amelda, Raphael; 33: Kisara/Priest Seto; 34: Anzu&others; 35: BtVS x-over, by obabscribbler.
Coming Forth by Sundown, chapter 4, by duelist_gurl163, Yami/Yugi, Jou/Mai, post-series.

Fanfiction Recs
pikapika217 recs the Jounouci/Kaiba fic Snowed In, by insight-to-insanity.

chobi_chan is looking for a Malik, Bakura, or Yugi moodtheme
7th_rock_alien would like some advice for doing Yami's hair in cosplay (answered, but maybe someone else has something to add or is interested in the answer).
the_sweet points out that someone on youtube has been using fanart without permission or credit, and asks for people to report it.

obabscribbler recs Anzu fanart.
Crab!Yusei cup by torakaka.
Yami and Kaiba as pirates, playing dice by emeralddarkness.
ryoura posts a photo of the Yami My Little Pony she got &hearts

8 DM icons by lavaliere
5D's (spoilers for ep.25) and GX icons by torakaka.
8 DM and 32 5D's icons by prehnite
56 fanart icons by bodyline

Other Media
Lua 10, 5D's AMV by utensil_drawer.
The Only Thing that's True, Yami/Yugi AMV by duelist_gurl163
Aki AMY by ryoura.
icthyopook pimps several youtude videos on farotarday
digitalstarry links a video on nico.
utensil_drawer updated the Episodes Page on ygo_5ds

garrideb would like to organise a Silentshipping Halloween Fest, looking for prompts.

hemntjrseth pimps a prideshipping forum.


Issue 65 Sep. 17th, 2008 @ 10:28 am
Livejournal's YGO activities, from 11 September 10:30 to 17 September 12:15 (GMT+2).
Please comment on this post if you have any critiques, suggestions, or comments!

Cards/Video Games
Nothing this week.

chobi_chan posts a an interesting screencap of Yami and Yuugi.
"Cheesy graphics inspired by the dub for the girl who just wants to fit in and be asked to the dance!" by kangofu.
elektra_alpha celebrates the dub with graphics of macho!Yuusei.
Another post about the 5Ds dub, standing up early, and the characters voices, by emeralddarkness.
aliscritiasfang starts a post with anime motivational posters.
More celebration of the new dub, with 5Ds crack videos, by iori_sempai.

loltehnos posts information about 5Ds episodes up to episode 28 (spoilers!).
7th_rock_alien makes a post about the changes that will be made on the dub version of 5Ds
digitalstarry says more about the changes of the twins' names.
torakaka starts a discussion on why Jack took Stardust.
mistressminako makes a post about the 5Ds dub premier (there's also links to the episode).
Another post about the new dub (+links), by galaxythrow.

Editor's Choice
aramis-chan: it actually gets hard to choose when I have time to click on more of these links, but I think this YuGiOh Cake... In America wins XD

New Fanfiction
By obabscribbler:
Testing the IQ of the Average Domino City Mugger;
and Brotherhood, Roba Brothers pre-Battle City.
Guilt by aramis_chan, Malik/Rishid.
In the Beginning by duelist_gurl163, implied Yami/Yugi, introspective, Season 0.
No Fault Without Blame and The Consequences of Change by limerocker, both Jounouchi/Kaiba.
Demotion by cindy_73, Zork Necrophades (Dark Bakura) and the Egyptian Gods, post-series.
The Novelist by kurunya, Yami/Yugi, Seto/Jounouchi, slight Yugi/Datz, AU.
Understanding by pet_pet_angel, Yami/Yugi, post-series.

Updated Fanfiction
As Deep as the Sky: 28: BC; 29: Vivian/Valon & Mai; 30: Isis/Seto; 31: Honda/Shizuka, by obabscribbler
Twilight in Egypt, chapter 6, by kurunya, Yami/Yugi, Ryou/Bakura, Seto/Jou & others, AU.

Fanfiction Recs
arien_elensar updated the silentshipping page in WikiFic.

soralover is looking for good quality screenshots of Jack and Yuusei.
cerberusia is looking for GX episodes 24 and 35, subs or raw.

Judai and Yubel fanart by pyromaniac_kity.
Bakurae fanart by anki_chan.
misstercackles made a Photobucket account in which she collects puppyshipping fanart.
Puppyshipping fanart by soralover.
dm_san posts a pic of a Bandit Keith cake! in America!.
"Yugi Team" fanart by kurunya.
Yami/Yugi fanart by icthyopook.
yugithecutie made a Yami/Yugi fanart/dounjinshi website.

Nothing this week.

Other Media
English Dub Sneak Peek, posted by utensil_drawer.
ygo_5ds' episode page is updated.
utensil_drawer made a Master List for English/Japanese 5Ds terms.
mistressminako found settei/settings images of 5Ds.
Jack Atlus of All Trades, AMV by utensil_drawer.
Godwin x Jeager vid posted by utensil_drawer.
Everytime We Touch, Johan x Juudai vid by torakaka.

Opening Theme Special, 5Ds AMV challenge.

Nothing this week.

Issue 64 Sep. 11th, 2008 @ 01:41 am
Livejournal's YGO activities, from 4 September 22:50 to 11 September 10:30 (GMT+2) (yeah, maybe I'll manage to be back on Tuesday-Tuesday schedule by next week...).
Please comment on this post if you have any critiques, suggestions, or comments, or if you want to help in compiling issues.

Cards/Video Games
ranchan03 would like to buy/trade for "solemn judgment"
mikeyisfh is selling YGO cards.
mrcollector is looking for someone to give her a price list for several cards.
ranchan03 is looking for the japanese alt art yugioh cards.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Rex Godwin really has a Metal Hand by kangofu (+ macro).
Crack videos posted by digitalstarry.
dj_azure has Kaiba's briefcase!
FMA x YGO video, posted by soralover.
Jack (Sparrow) stole Yuusei's bike, manip by hemntjrseth.

xsasukerebornx just watched the english version of Yuugiou 'dawn of the duel' 1st 13 episodes (+ fanfic & fanart).
torakaka links info on the 5Ds dub.
odontv starts the discussion of 5Ds Episode 23.
Poll about which song you think 4Kids choose for the 5Ds opening (by utensil_drawer

Editor's Choice
Read/watched/... too few of them.

New Fanfiction
By utensil_drawer:
Bonded, Jack/Yusei, NC-17;
Eclipsed, Jack/Yusei, NC-17;
and Amongst the Coral, Yami/Yugi, NC-17.
Stupid Cupid! (part1) by ivory_illusions; part 2.
Into Light, Yuugi/Seto; Sovereignty, Yami/Varon; In Front of Me, Yami/Yuugi, by digifaith.
By aramis_chan:
Treasure; Of Love Trust and Honour and their Incompatibility, both TK Bakura/Ryou;
and Longing, Yami/Yuugi.
Electric Cord by strawberrykaoru, Yami/Yugi angst/horror AU.
By springinstep Dice, Bikes and Awkward Situations, 50 Honda/Otogi sentences;
7 Anzu-related fics, gen, het, shoujo-ai;
and Forever Young, Yugi/Anzu drabble.
10 GX drabbles by 0phiomance, slight Atticus/Chazz, Chazz > Alexis.
Stuck on You by obabscribbler, Haga/Shizuka.

Updated Fanfiction
By obabscribbler:
As Deep as the Sky: 23: Malik/Anzu; : Anzu/Yuugi/Yami; 25: Doma arc; 26: DK; 27: Jounouchi and Shizuka
The Psychology of Sleep, chapter 5, by diana_lucifera, Seto/Joey.

Fanfiction Recs
Nothing this week.

jeeperscreeperz is looking for a YGO R translations.
[VS "Cards/Video Games"-section!]

Fanart by kurunya.
Bakurae fanart by cerberusia (also, what is up with the fandom declining his name as feminine?)

Abridges Series icons by sweetsnow73.
GX and 5Ds icons by torakaka.

Other Media
Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds original soundtrack posted by jaslee25.
arien_elensar rec Toonshipping videos.
Cosplaying videos by malindachan.
From Now On, Juudai/Johan AMV by torakaka.
Puppyshipping AMV by limerocker.
arien_elensar updated the Vexshipping into page on WikiFic.

Opening Theme Special!, 5Ds AMV contest.

Nothing this week.

Issue 63 Sep. 4th, 2008 @ 09:00 pm
Livejournal's YGO activities, from 26 August 22:20 to 4 September 22:50 (GMT+2), which means two days more than usual. Sorry 'bout that.

Please comment on this post if you have any critiques, suggestions, or comments.

Cards/Video Games
mikeyisfh is selling Black Luster Soldier: Envoy of the Beginning and Dark Magician of Chaos.
katokathy is selling Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards.

kamshaticum saw someone familiar in a Skillet's music video.
Crack video posted by hemntjrseth.
duelist_gurl163 posts photos of Puzzle video game, on which you can play Tetris! And other, rather cryptic stuff.
intothewolves and her friends drew a sign of their strong friendship one their hands with impermeable marker
moon_fleet finds that someone on Kingdom Hearts looks a lot like a certain YGO character.
whatpipeswhy start a post with YGO Senryuu
mixed_monkey asks with which female Kaiba would go with best.
kioku_no_yami points out that "Yuusei" means dominant/dominance, and wonders what that means for Yuusei/Jack.

torakaka has a theory here that Godwin isn't evil.
7th_rock_alien has a theory on the Fifth Signer.
Discussion of 5D's episode 22, started by odontv.
kangofu has a translation of one of the Afterwords from Takahashi.
inuconen asks what colour goes with which YGO DM character.
Discussion of 5Ds episode 22 initiated by hollymyew.
Discussion of 5Ds episode 23 initiated by odontv.

Editor's Choice
Probably nothing this week, sorry.

New Fanfiction
Would, Coulda, Shoulda by 365daysafter, Atem/Tea.
By obabscribbler:
Gotta Penalty Game 'Em All!, Yu-Gi-Oh x Pokèmon crossover, AU;
and The Ballad of Hirutani, Jounouchi, Honda, Hirutani.
Crystal Clear by utensil_drawer, Jack/Yusei.
Compulsion to Protect and Instantaneous Realizization by pet_pet_angel, both Yami Yuugi/Yuugi.
I hope it Rains by limerocker, Seth/Jou, Seto/Jou.
The Slayer: Chinmoku no Senshi by juukai, hinted Ishizu/Pegasus and Atem/Shizuka, AU.
By springinstep:
Small Comforts, Honda/Shizuka;
and Girl Time, Shizuka/Miho.
By white_laurel:
Photograph, Dark Yuugi x Yuugi;
and Starlight, Atem/Yugi.
Divine as Paint and Cardboard by aramis_chan, Thief King Bakura/Ryou.
By strawberrykaoru:
Couch, Yami/Yugi fluff:
and Subway Woes, mild Yami no Bakura/Bakura Ryou.
Games and Children/Idolize Innocence by mixed_monkey, Yami and Yuugi.
3 Jounouchi/Kaiba oneshots by darth_animus.
The Golden Year by duelist_gurl163.
Yuugi's Game by icthyopook, Yami/Yuugi.

Updated Fanfiction
By obabscribbler:
As Deep as the Sky 16: Honda/Anzu; 17: Priest Seto; 18: Ryou Bakura; , Yuugi/Anzu; 20: Zorc; 21: Amane Bakura; 22: Anzu/Yami.
and A New York Love Story, Pegasus/Cynthia.
Coming Forth by Sundown, chapter 3, by duelist_gurl163, YamixYugi, JouxMai, and references to YugixAnzu and YamixAnzu.

Fanfiction Recs
Nothing this week.

limerocker would like some ideas for Seto/Jou fics.
llivla is looking for a downloadable downloadable version of the Yugioh manga chapter in English featuring Imori.
darkrunner is looking for Mai/Jounouchi doujinshi.
the_sweet is looking for ideas for holiday-themed costumes for Anzu and Seto for an azureshipping fanlisting site layout.

Butterfly by shamise, Yami fanart.
Death-R, a doujinshi posted by amiasha.
Five art-recs by obabscribbler.
Puppyshipping art by chickskin.
Yami fanart by lock_in_use.

5Ds and GX icons by torakaka.
11 5Ds icons (+ one banner, spoilers for ep-18), 4 GX icons by razzberridust.

Other Media
Duel Box 15 Scans (Final), posted by pdutogepi.
Kaiba/Jounouchi video by misstercackles (also, looking for past life, Jono pictures).
What Hurts the Most, Yuusei Fudo x Jack Atlus AMV, by torakaka.
Jounouchi/Kaiba slideshow by lock_in_use.
hoshi3 is selling various YGO stuff.
Jack Atlas AMV by iori_sempai.
Episode Page on the "ygo_5ds" community has been updated; also, looking for non-mp4 versions of the raws.
Save A Horse, Ride a Cowboy, Yuusei Fudo crack AMV by torakaka.
Who us Seto Kaiba's Real Father, video by littlekuriboh.

gx_100, 100 themes comm for GX characters/pairings/groups.

Adokenai, multifandom RP via forum.

Other entries
» Issue 62
Livejournal's YGO activities, from 19 August 22:20 to 26 August 22.20 (GMT+2).
Please comment on this post if you have any critiques, suggestions, or comments. ^_^
Still not sure if I'll be around next month, so still looking for someone to take over.

Cards/Video Games
stargemini posts the September 1st 2008 Ban List.

anime_monster comments on an annoying part of cosplaying with a Yugi-macro.
sumeragiskank posts a photo of the yugilicious Yu Gi Oh cereals.
Screencaps (+text) by anime_monster.
haribinchou asks: What breeds would the YGO characters be if they were one day turned into dogs?
mellamomuyloco found certain connections between The Black Magician, the Pharaoh, and Jesus.
mistressminako posts photos of her YGO boardgame.
More 5Ds characters in Oregon Trail by mighty_mu_mu.
digitalstarry asks what the best YGO-related quote you've heard online or in real life (TAS excepted) is.

loltehnos starts a discussion on 5Ds episode 21.
onyxtigress posts 5Ds character's birthdays.
hollymyew starts a discussion on 5Ds episode 21.
rainbowlasers asks why people dislike/hate Yami.
amiasha asks if Capsule Monsters has ever been dubbed to Japanese.
cefferis wonders who would top in Yami Malik/Yami Bakura.

Editor's Choice
aramis-chan: New Abridged Episodes is always good! Psychotic Yami = <3 .

New Fanfiction
By utensil_drawer:
Sunset, Nerve/Blitz;
Only a Dream, Jack/Yusei;
One-Sided, Nerve x Yusei, Blitz > Nerve;
Remembrance, Yusei-centric;
and Gold, Jack/Yusei.
Haiku by nanashi_o, Honda/Yami Bakura.
What's Love Got to Do With It? by karrissarella, Seto/Yami.
By obabscribbler:
As Deep As the Sky (Extended Edition) - Parts 1-5; Parts 6-10; Part 11: Anzu/Yuugi/Yami; Part 12: Jounouchi/Mai; Part 13&14: Isis, Mai&Vivian; Part 15: Yugi.
Gone, Valon/Mai.
and A New York Love Story, Pegasus/Cynthia.
Remember my Love by misstercackles, Kaiba/Jounouchi.
Anzu's Boyfriend, Anzu/OC, vague Yuugi/Anzu, Comedy.
King of Hearts by slicedfruit, Yami/Seto AU.
Baseball Cap by strawberrykaoru, Atemu/Yugi AU.
Untitled by white_laurel, Dark Yuugi/Yuugi.
Waiting by alisonxxx, Seto/Joey.
Rain by sheldon_manor, Yami Bakura/Ryou.
Tomorrow by jukeboxhound, Seto/Yugi, Seto/Yami, Seto/Yami/Yugi.

Updated Fanfiction

Fanfiction Recs
Nothing this week.

hamano_ayumi is looking for a Japanese fanart search site.
arien_elensar is looking for good Mai/Valon fics, and pimps the conquestshipping page on wikific.
limerocker is looking for Kaiba/Jounouchi pictures.
crazy_ladi is looking for a Seto/Jounochi fic.
faburizu asks if anyone can point her towards an archive of fanart drawn by the artist "Yun" (also, looking for a particular Kaiba/Jou fanart; also, there's gorgeous fanart by the artist in question in the post).

Fanart of Yami cosplaying, by dr_wats0n.
Covers of Yami/Seto doujinshi, posted by jukeboxhound.
Yami no Yugi fanart by kurunya.
"Yu Gi Oh, the Abridged Crossover", cosplaying pic (Yami, Judai, Yusei), by malindachan.
Fanart by duelist_gurl163, mostly Yami&Yugi.
amiasha is selling DM doujinshi.
misstercackles made a Kaiba/Jounouchi photoalbum with fanart.

102 icons by bodyline.

Other Media
torakaka made a 5Ds AMV.
misstercacklesmade two Kaiba/Jounouchi slideshows:here and
pdutogepi made a 5Ds AMV.
VJump Poster for 5Ds, posted by kangofu.
ygo_5ds' Episode Page has been updated.
5D's Death Race, vid by utensil_drawer.
ryoura made a 5Ds movie trailer.
Cosplaying videos by malindachan.
Cr@psule Monsters 2: Cr@p Harder by littlekuriboh.
2 AMVs by digitalstarry (+ link to a Judai shrine).
Jounouchi/Kaiba vid by misstercackles.
loltehnos posts pics of some official Japanese YGO merchandise.
Crack AMV posted by torakaka.
Malik AMV by cliscia.

OPENING THEME SPECIAL on ygo_5ds: take one of the 8 songs 4Kids has come up with and make an opening AMV.

feliciakain promotes Seto-Kaiba.com.

» Issue 61
Livejournal's YGO activities, from 12 August 19:00 to 19 August 22:20 (GMT+2).

NOTE: I (aramis_chan) might not be able to keep doing these issues after the end of this month, so if there's anyone who'd be willing to take over in that case, that'd be really cool.

Please comment on this post if you notice any mistakes/omissions etc.

Cards/Video Games
stargemini heard that E-Hero Prisma and Test Tiger are going to be limited.

torakaka wishes Dan Green had dubbed Yanagi, because he does a great "crazy old man" voice.
jenivi7 discovered that Bakura has his own planet.
torakaka finds that Yuusei and Bakura sound very similar here.
intothewolves sees similarities between Ryuuzaki and Shinjiro from Persona 3.
Yu-Go-Oh LOLcats, by kangofu.
mighty_mu_mu inserted 5Ds characters in her Oregon Trail game.
whatpipeswhy has a theory as to why Kaiba never ages.
siriusaboutsev links a "Pokemon, a Yu-Gi-Oh card or drug slang" quiz.
bluefirekitsune has a conversation in duel-speak.

After watching the subs for 5Ds episode 19, cypsiman2 no longer believes that Yusei is the main character.
cerberusia starts a discussion on Bakura's dub accent.
nebs66 asks: Ruka & Rua, or Luca & Lua?
hollymyew starts a discussion on 5Ds episode 19.
odontv starts a discussion on 5Ds episode 20.
hollymyew starts a discussion on 5Ds episode 20 as well.
kurunya finds that relationships in the different incarnations of YGO can be eerily similar.
mellamomuyloco what people learned thanks to YGO.
kurunya asks a question about the 5Ds timeline in relation to DM and GX.
juujuu asks for how long Atemu was pharaoh.

Editor's Choice
This handmade Kuriboh plushie is so, so adorable!.

New Fanfiction
Newspaper by strawberrykaoru, Atemu/Yuugi angst.
Before then, but after that by duelist_gurl163, Yami/Yugi humour/fluff.
As Deep as the Sky by obabscribbler: 1: Ryou, Amane, Yami Bakura; 2&3: Anzu/Yugi; 4: Jounouchi/Mai; 5: Yuugi/Anzu; 7: Jounouchi, Shizuka; 8: Thief King.
Rishid's First by nanashi_o, Rishid/Honda.
Maybe in Time by sanctimoniousxx, Seto Kaiba/Katsuya Jounouchi, Ancient Egypt AU.
Anticipation by utensil_drawer, Taka-centric.

Updated Fanfiction
Written in the Stars, chapter 23/23, by technicolornina.
In Case of Emergency, Chapter 25: Leave This World for Awhile, by an_ardent_rain, Seto/Anzu.
The Geisha Prince, Season 1: Lesson 7, by utensil_drawer, Seto/Yugi, Otogi/Yugi, NC-17.
Coming Forth by Sundown, chapter 2, by duelist_gurl163

Fanfiction Recs
aramis_chan links to BakuBaku recs.
arien_elensar recs "Pedestals" by iloveatem

misticalgirl07 is looking for 5D's doujinshi.
haribinchou is looking for an instrumental version of Duel Madness
suteki_shia is looking for people to roleplay YamixYugi with.
cypsiman2 would like some feedback on the cards she created for a fanfic.
technicolornina is looking for the name of three specific cards .

radiopowered created nightjump, where she'll be posting doujinshi scans.
Juudai/Shou fanart by yakuri.
Pharaoh Tea by apphish.
Realistic (and, imo, gorgeous) Jounouchi drawing by radfel.
3 Kaiba/Jounoucchi fanarts by insanishvikkixd.

147 DM and GX icons by somatosensation.
5Ds and GX icons by torakaka.
29 GX icons by emeraldocean.
90 DM and GX icons by kuvera08.
8 DM icons by carnimirie.
115 DM icons by yureteru.

Other Media
eiyoko posts a photo of a handmade Kuriboh plushie.
Two AMV posted by malindachan.
dbzhobbit posts a Yu-gi-oh Omake she and darkenglishrose did at Amecon 2008 </a>.
utensil_drawer updated the Episodes Page on ygo_5ds.
evillunatic make a post telling us we can vote for the 5Ds theme song; there another post about it by torakaka.
5Ds Episode 1 Dub posted by utensil_drawer.
"Kaiba's Cool Vibes", Seto/Anzu AMV, by arien_elensar
5Ds AMV by anonagain.
5D's x iPod vid posted by evillunatic.

Nothing this week

Nothing this week
» Issues 59/60
Another double issue, since I skipped last week; I apologise.

Livejournal's YGO activities, from 30 July 22:00 to 12 August 19:00 (GMT+2).

Please comment on this with critiques, suggestions, or comments you might have. Thank you! ^^

Cards/Video Games
kycoo found news about a new YGO racing game for the Wiimote.
hellokittyland is looking for a Kaiba Starter Deck in good condition.
bougee noticed that the card game has changed completely since the time she/he played.
snowmin is selling cards.
dj_azure would like feedback on the decks he's building.

Death Note x Yu-Gi-Oh crossover crack by cisorylx.
Crazy manips/fanart for farotarday, post started by lavaliere
redwoodmooney2 discovered the Book of Atem.
rena_lime found a way to drink cups of Kaiba.
malindachan posts two cosplayng videos.
lavaliere found a 4chan thread where people claim Yuugi is a timelord (as proved the GX events...)</a>.
A video posted by hoo_hah.
Cosplaying pics... and Brazil > YGO, by lavaliere.
mistressminako discovered that Jaegar = evil clown Klaus Nomi.
Advertisment by 5Ds characters, by mistressminako (more in comments).
kangofu has picture evidence that Yami is an Olsen.
lady_kara tells about her action figure's dubious activities.
technicolornina start a thread for giving YGO ships better names.
blackjackrocket would like to see a music video of Digimon Tamers (season 3) set to the YGO English theme.
starshards posts a video of Kaiba (?!) singing Karaoke under the name 'Spitfire....
an_aphrodisiac discovered that Yami is currently in England.
leloucia lets everyone know that Target is currently selling Funny Bunny notebooks!

Discussion of 5Ds Episode 18, started by hollymyew.
twitchytwitch has been told that the Arabic world khaiba means "disappointment" and "failure".
utensil_drawer links to littlekuriboh's post about the 5Ds panel at Comic-con, with info on the dub.
Discussion of 5Ds Episode 19, started by loltehnos.
bridgitkiido asks if there's any significance given for the necklace Jounouchi wear in BC.
Discussion of 5Ds Episode 18 (now subbed), started by cefferis.

Editor's Choice
Aramis-chan: This video with the DM characters in the 5Ds opening! It has Yami and Kaiba on these crazy motorbikes! :D

New Fanfiction
Water Bottle by strawberrykaoru, Yami/Yugi fluff.
At twilight by duelist_gurl163, Yami/Yugi.
A Little Fall of Rain and sequel Wilted Rose by nameru_ja_nai, Mariku/Malik, Bakura/Ryou, Seto/Jounouchi AU.
Dragon Blossom by utensil_drawer, Chosaku x Jun, NC-17.
Lose Yourself and Blaze by lightrobber, Mai/Anzu.
3 fics by lightrobber: Going Down, Mai&Valon, When in Doubt, Yuugi&Anzu, Virtual Reality, Yami Bakura&Noa.
Dial Tone by sorcererhuntres, Kaiba/Joey.
Everything You Need by utensil_drawer, one-sided Nerve/Yusei.
Tomorrow by jukeboxhound, Seto/Yugi and Seto/Yami drabbles.
The Five Times Seto Kaiba Didn't Say I Love You (Or Something like I Love You; Along With The One Time He Really Tried But Failed by bananafrog, implied somewhat one-sided Kaiba Seto/Yami no Yugi.
by kurunya, Yami/Yugi AU.
2 Yami/Yugi fics by duelist_gurl163.
Extra Credit by utensil_drawer, Nerve/Yusei, NC-17.
Beyond Justice by silvormoon, Edo Phoence/Saiou Takuma, mystery.
Merit Harere by kurunya, Yami (Atemu) /Yugi fluff.

Updated Fanfiction
The Geisha Prince, Season 1: Lesson 6, by utensil_drawer.
Each Ecstatic Instant: Final Scene by an_ardent_rain, Seto/Anzu, NC-17.
Folgen Sie Ihrem Traum, chapter 12, by rose_of_pollux, Seto/Anzu.

Fanfiction Recs
In this post, disownmereturns asks for and receives fic-recs.

the_sweet would like the know which cards to use for a particular duel-scenario.
moonkitsune is looking for doujinshi by a circle called KEGI (or Hisashi Takatoh).
foggypebble would like to collaborate with a writer on doing a Yami Bakura/Honda doujinshi; also, tips for her idea for a YGO!Surviver idea.
jeeperscreeperz asks if anyone is going to Gen Con and could answer a few questions.

Punctuation signs drawing (is there a name for this?) of Yami, found by authoressliz (another one in the comments).
Juudai/Shou doujinshi for downloading by fracture.
Hellboy/Yami crossover T-shirt by dragondancer515.
2 Honda/Ryou fanarts by foggypebble.
3 Yami/Yugi sketches by yakuri.
Yami/Yugi doujinshi scans by kurunya (NWS).
Crack fanart by ryoura.
kamshaticum saw a great drawing of Yami on a whiteboard.

2 5Ds crack icons by elektra_alpha.
5 5Ds icons: utensil_drawer announces the category winners of the "Icon Extravaganza" challenge; here are the banner for the winners.
2 Yami/Yugi collage wallpapers by yakuri.
35 DM and 5D's icons by unasuvas.
48 DM icons by inksmears

Other Media
ryoura links to the newest episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! Five "Duh!"s - the Abridged Series.
mighty_mu_muposts 3 "Yu-Gi-Oh and Ipod" videos.
utensil_drawer has updated the Episode Page with links to 5Ds episodes.
loltehnos found a video in which someone inserted the DM character in the 5Ds opening.
exshadow is auditioning for the YGO fandub with an awesome video about Kaiba's answering machine.
yakuri pimps Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series
pigeon_wing links a Kaiba/Seto x Kisara video.
mistress_kabuki made a DM AMV.


» Issue 58
I'm sorry this is a day late; here are livejournal's YGO activities, from 22 July 22.00 to 30 July 22:00 (GMT+2), which means one day more than usual.

Please comment on this post if you have any critiques, suggestions, or comments.

Cards/Video Games
mikeyisfh is selling YGO cards.

lightinverted made a random pairing generator.
jenivi7 pimps a pretty awesome and funny post by llamrei, promoting YGO</a>.

Discussion of 5Ds episode 17, started by mistressminako.
ryoura found out that Yusei will have the same VA as Tristan, and asks who's looking forward to the 5Ds dub and why.
5D's Episode 17 Recap by hollymyew.
mistressminako posts an info about 5Ds (spoilers!).
redwoodmooney2 starts a discussion on 5Ds episode 16 (subbed).
loltehnos found out in a Japanese magazine article that Ruka gets an unicorn, and other 5Ds information.
nameru_ja_nai has information about the 5Ds dub.
More thoughts on the 5Ds dub, by hollymyew.

Editor's Choice
Aramis_chan: this cosplaying video by malindachan: Jaden vs. Bakura! :D

New Fanfiction
rose_of_pollux links to seven Seto/Anzu fics.
True Happiness by duelist_gurl163, Yami/Yugi fluff.
Trapped in a Mirror by sofiadragon, ev. Atem/Yugi.
Domestic Disputes by an_ardent_rain, Seto/Anzu.
Sleepless by pandamanium, Seto/Mokuba.

Updated Fanfiction
Paper Thin, chapter 2: Thoughtless Gifts by utensil_drawer, Seto/Jounouchi, NC-17.
The Geisha Prince, Season 1: Lesson 4, and Season 1: Lesson 5, by utensil_drawer, AU, Seto/Yugi, Otogi/Yugi, NC-17.
Folgen Sie Ihrem Traum, chapter 8, by rose_of_pollux, Seto/Anzu.
Dangerous Black Ice, chapter 19, Turning Towards Home , by cynthia_harrell, GX fic.

Fanfiction Recs
Nothing this week.

selenity136 would like some help from other fan in making an entry for Anzu/Seto on ship_manifesto.

the_little_nook will be at Tokyo's Comic Market from August 15-17th, and asks if anyone wants her to buy doujinshi for them there.
icia_starlight scanned a Yami/Jounouchi doujinshi.
Honda/Ryou pic by foggypebble.
icia_starlight scanned a Yami/Anzu doujinshi.
elektra_alpha is selling doujinshi.

6 5Ds icons by jeeperscreeperz.
20 YGO: DM and 14 5Ds icons by lavaliere.
5 5Ds icons by evillunatic
3 5Ds icons by elektra_alpha.
19 YGO_DM icons and 3 FO banners by duelist_gurl163.
5Ds and GX icons by torakaka.
5 Doujinshi icons by innovade.

Other Media
ladyvirgo1956 posts a Seto/Jou music video.
hello203 made a Yami/Yugi AMV.
dm_san is selling YuGiOh stuff.
loltehnos found a picture of a figurine of Yuusei and his D-Wheel.
The Episode Page on ygo_5ds has been updated.
malindachan has a cosplaying video.
torakaka made a GX Johan x Juudai AMV.

the_sweet posts a challenge for a Seto/Anzu fic in which someone other than Yuugi, Jounouchi or Mokuba plays matchmaker for them.
Also by the_sweet, two older Anzu/Seto prompts.
utensil_drawer asks people to vote on the ICON EXTRAVAGANZA 5Ds icons challenge.
alterego_thon, multi-fandom ficathon for reusing genre characteristics (and clichés)

Nothing this week.
» Issue 57
Livejournal's YGO activities, from 16 July 0.00 to 22 July 22.00 (GMT+2).

Please comment on this post with any updates I missed, or/and if you have any critiques, suggestions, or comments!

Cards/Video Games
redwoodmooney2 has complaints about Konami's translation of Jack's Dragon card.

dragondancer515 discovered Red-Eyes Black Dragon and Blue-Eyes White Dragon's offspring.
hotarubi made a screencap that needs a caption.
eiyoko noticed that a lot of YGO characters seem to always carry around a permanent marker ...

bustingstars starts a discussion of 5Ds episode 16.

Editor's Choice
Aramis_chan: This post by sorcererhuntres has lots of gorgeous art.

New Fanfiction
Grass by strawberrykaoru, Yami/Yuugi, mention of Rebecca/Yuugi and Anzu/Yami. Humour/Fluff.
Azizi by utensil_drawer, Yami/Yugi.
It is Useless to Dwell in the Past by rose_of_pollux, Seto/Anzu.
Trapped in a Mirror by sofiadragon, AE, Atem/Yuugi, if you squint.
Orange Peel by strawberrykaoru, Mou hitori no Yuugi & Yuugi friendship.
The List by an_aphrodisiac, Kujaku Mai/Vivian Wong.

Updated Fanfiction
In Case of Emergency , chapter 24: Each Ecstatic Instant, by an_ardent_rain, Seto/Anzu.
The Geisha Prince, Season 1: Lesson 3, by utensil_drawer, Seto x Yugi AU, NC-17.
Dangerous Black Ice, chapter 17: Manjoume and the Hatred of Strangers, by cynthia_harrell, GX.

Fanfiction Recs
obabscribbler recs "Draw" by Hakurei Ryuu, a Yami and Joey centric fic.

moxxyblue is looking for Seto/Jou fics that are complete and have a happy ending.
dr_sipp is looking for videos where OPs of other animes are replaced with YGO characters and generally YGO-ized.
icia_starlight is looking for a good Atem/Yami sim for the Sims2.

icia_starlight links to a site with great Jou/Yami fanart.
Jounouchi/Kaiba fanart by shiraro.
elektra_alpha is selling doujinshi.
Yami/Seto and 5Ds fanart by mooguriklaine.
3 Anzu/Miho and 1 Isis/Shizuka fanart by springinstep.
Yuusei in a skrit by hollymyew.
Yami vs. Pharaoh by kurunya.
Drawings of Bakura, Jounouchi, Jounouchi/Kaiba, Kaiba, and Yugi, by sorcererhuntres.
Seto fanart by generalmuse.

28 Anzu Yuri icons by springinstep.
10 5Ds icons by bridgitkiido.

Other Media
The episode page on ygo_5ds has been updated.
A fan-made video with dancing YGO girls posted by generalmuse.

deathistrue made a YGO friending meme.


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